Dedicated to the study of new technologies to aid and enhance safety procedures in American mines, working toward a safer future for the industry.

New! December 5, 2006 - Report: Improving Mine Safety Technology and Training: Establishing U.S. Global Leadership. (pdf, 1 mb)

New! December 5, 2006 - Presentation of Dr. R. Larry Grayson to Asia-Pacific Partnership Coal Mine Task Force, Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Mine Safety Technology and Training Commission was formed in January of 2006 following a tragic accident in the coal fields of West Virginia. Drawing on the experience and expertise of members of academia, public agencies, consultancies and the mining industry, and involving mine workers, technology specialists, public safety officials and company experts, the Commission plans to identify any policy changes needed to expedite the transfer of technology to operational use in the mining industry.

This website serves as the central distribution point for information about the Commission, our goals, activities, meetings and findings. Meetings of the Commission will be listed on the Meetings page and public attendance is encouraged. Members of the media looking for our latest press releases and public statements can find the materials in our Press Room section.

If your company provides goods or services that you think may be beneficial to the work of the Commission, you may submit your information through our Supplier Input page. Your submission will be reviewed by Commission members.

Please utilize our Contact page to reach members of the Commission.